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Thread: pdf to indesign plugins

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    pdf to indesign plugins

    Hi all!

    Seen some stuff on the internets, looking for real people review if any one using something like this here and if it's really worth it in terms of time saving
    - in illy sometimes it's better setting up the whole document from scratch than trying to ''edit'' it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    pdf to indd

    there are some plugins that can open pdf in indd, but the opend file is not perfect

    in our complany we use a rule of thumb:
    small fix-ups are done in pdf (color, few characters, ..., done with pitstop)
    medium fix-ups are done by deleting content in pdf and placing that pdf in indesign
    for large fix-ups its easier just to recreate with indesign

    it also depends if the file will be reused or retouched

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