This should be interesting...

"Since the merger between X-Rite and GretagMacbeth, we – the new X-Rite, Inc. - have been aware that there are differences in the calibration standards used in the legacy product lines that were maintained by each of the previous individual companies. Traditionally each company maintained their own traceable calibration standards and processes. We are aware that these differences represent an issue for our customers, especially for those that use multiple measurement instruments in tandem in their workflows. We have recently concluded a study designed to quantify the differences between measurements obtained using instruments from both X-Rite and GretagMacbeth prior to the two companies' merger, in order to arrive at the definition of a new corporate X-Rite factory calibration standard for our graphic arts instrumentation. This has also allowed us an opportunity to implement new advances in color technology to our calibration standards for ISO-13655, and ensure that they are traceable to NIST. It is the goal of X-Rite today, that inter-model color agreement for all available models is optimized so that all of our customers – regardless of their legacy affiliation - can enjoy high quality data exchange in workflows that use different instrumentation......."

How to sell something based on nothing. :)

any feedback with the XRGA?!