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Thread: Why i1Profiler can't optimize PM5 generated targets

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    Why i1Profiler can't optimize PM5 generated targets

    Why i1Profiler can't optimize PM5 generated targets, I get bad gradients.

    See for yourself, notice the artifacts.

    PM5 target optimized in i1Profiler Relative:

    PM5 target optimized in i1Profiler Perceptual:

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    I don't know what you mean by "optimize PM5 targets"... but for sure, something is wrong with your profile.

    Usually, it's not the software, but measurements data. You should double-check and give us more details!

    Hope to help you soon

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    More to the point, you should NOT be using any targets with i1Profiler except those created from within i1Profiler. The app works SO MUCH better/more accurately/etc. when building profiles from targets within i1Profiler. The target building app has been vastly updated to work correctly with it's parent program, so absolutely no use whatsoever to be trying to use PMP targets when you have i1Profiler.

    Just build brand-new targets and your profiles will be far higher quality than if you were to use PMP targets inside i1Profiler.

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    the working algotrythm form I1 profiler is a mix form PM5 and Monaco profiler. They tool the best of each software put it together and improved it !

    so the basic data from the target do not work the same way !
    Just trust I1 profiler ans you should be fine !

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    Quote from the release notes for v1.1.1:

    "i1Profiler can import CGATS measurement files from other applications. However, the color engine has been optimized to work with the patch sets generated within i1Profiler. The profile quality from profiles made entirely within the i1Profiler workflow will exceed profiles made from legacy charts and measurements. In the case of CMYK+N profiles, some legacy patch sets may not even build a profile successfully. It is strongly recommended that users build new charts within i1Profiler for CMYK+N profiling."

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