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Thread: White Ink - Black Substrates and Clear Substrates

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    White Ink - Black Substrates and Clear Substrates

    So we have a hand full of printers here that have white ink options. Because of this we can print on dark substrates, and arguably we can print more "vivid" prints on clear substrates. We have profiled our printers using a white ink method we developed. Basically we do lin on all 5 channels, CMYK with 100% white behind, and a white lin as well. Then from there we print patches with white ink flooded behind them. Is anyone else experimenting with color critical white ink solutions? If so what tricks are you doing??

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    epson wt7900

    I use epson wt 7900 with metallic and transparent media.
    i did not, found any problem with white, except that you need to manipulate very carefully because of scratches.

    small note
    i found that you need to check ink date of production, and on this metallic and transparent media, inks are more sensitive color change is strong with bad inks.
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