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Thread: Recent Calibration Devices' accuracy testing as well as unit to unit variability

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    Recent Calibration Devices' accuracy testing as well as unit to unit variability


    Not very informative testing methods and conditions overall with some unusual results

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    good work but...

    what i saw in this report...
    author compare new devices basicc discus i1 display pro, very new devices on the market, probably just delivered from factory .... (also author forget to mention that some discus device have strange behaviors)
    spyder, i1d2 and dtp-94 devices (not serviceable) i1 and spectrolino with unknown condition and unknown service-recertification date

    i could say if you like to trust to your measurement device you must to do regular maintenance

    with every new instrument instrument , (i know for xrite and techkon) there is a piece of paper with
    date when re-certification and maintenance should be done.
    spectrophotometers are measurement devices, and you must know that every measurement devices should be serviced every year ( balance in store, flow measurement on gas station ....)
    especially ISO 9001 companies have obligation to do that.
    ordinary user forget to do that and after, have problem with accuracy
    in my company we send periodicly all instrument to factory and we use netprofiler for better inter instrument agreement.
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    Don't you always find something to complain about silja? HAHAHA Why wouldn't the vast majority of the intended audience want to know how the new(est) devices on the market compare with whatever sensor hardware we've all been using for a number of years now?

    This kind of info is EXACTLY what is needed, so that the general public actually knows if the new devices really are more accurate than the hardware they've been using previously. I certainly didn't want to go out and spend $250 on an i1d3 if it would be no more accurate than my old i1Pro or i1d2. But it is and this excellent report gives very valuable info on repeatability too.

    Regarding maintenance of measurement hardware, there is absolutely not a single thing I have done in well over 10 years of owning various measuring devices. In fact, just exactly what kind of maintenance is even possible if one did want to attempt it on their spectro/colorimeter? I've never come across any regular consumer grade measurement device that had any form of maintenance that could possibly be carried out by an end-user, other than keeping the device reasonably clean, dust free and in an environment which doesn't have large temperature or humidity fluctuations. There isn't any regular or time-specific maintenance I've read about in the instruction manuals of at least 10-15 different brand/models of sensor hardware (not that I've used them all, just read through their manuals).

    For the record, I took measurements and made note of the readings my i1Pro gave for the supplied white calibration tile when the device was brand-new and at any time I can always go and compare my current measurements to those from when the device was brand-new. And in the 5 or more years I've owned my i1Pro, it has never drifted or become unreliable and that is with completely zero maintenance performed.

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