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Thread: post your nozzle check for epson R2880

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    post your nozzle check for epson R2880

    Hi, can anyone post (scan and post) heir nozzle check of epson R2880 printer?

    I have a client that said his nozzle check is fine, but profile seems very bad. Low color space like 250.000 instead of like 600.000 colors.

    The gray nozzle check patters is very faint, so if you have this printer, could you please post your nozzle check.

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    why don't you post your nozzle check, so we can look at it and give you some hints? :)

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    As long as the lines aren't broken the nozzle check is fine. If the there's areas of the nozzle check where the lines drop out that means you have blocked nozzle and need to do a cleaning.

    If the colour is off then you have a bad profile, or you're double profiling or there's something else going on but it has nothing to do with the nozzles.

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