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Thread: Pantone PLUS digital library for Adobe Illustrator

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    Pantone PLUS digital library for Adobe Illustrator

    Did anyone install this? It's suppose to remove and replace the existing pantone colour with the most current ones from Pantone, but some how the colour, for instant, Pantone 021c is much more red than the previous default pantone version. I've tried to convert both pantone colour to CMYK, and both have different value. Apparently, the new pantone version has 30 more Magenta then the older version!

    Not only it affects on screen, but it also affect the print out as well (my printer, not the one from printing company yet).

    Download link:

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    This, after all of these years, appears to still be a significant problem. I have searched everywhere, like you I'm sure, for an answer and have found nothing. If you're still around, did you ever have any luck? I'm on CS6 and spots always look so washed out. It's terrible.

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