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Thread: Open Source RIP Feeler - Attention GURUS!!!

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    Open Source RIP Feeler - Attention GURUS!!!

    Hello Guru's and others sparked by the title...

    I have been mulling over this idea for quite some time. Basically lots of RIPs are based on Ghostscript (until Adobe dominated with APPE) which is open source. This handles their conversions. As far as color isolation (spot colors and what not) imagemagik can handle that. PDF generation, other graphic formats, there is open source all over... I think that compiling all of these technologies to an open source RIP would be a great idea, and would love to get involved in it.

    Printroot seems like a great place to put out a feeler and see if anyone is interested in teaming up to create such a project. Anyone interested?
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    Great idea. I fully support. Will be willing to help test such software, if and when it is developed

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    great. i will support you

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