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Thread: Open source color management hardware

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    Open source color management hardware

    EDIT: http://www.hughski.com/colorhugplus.html
    This is the newest version of the device, still not in production.
    The developer needs at least 100 preorders (£300 target price). I know it is not exactly cheap, but remember - it is Open Source and the first of its kind.
    It will do high-gamut/LED screen, will have UV switched illuminants, and most importantly it can take spot measurements of paper or ink which allows us to profile printers and ensure complete color management on Linux.

    I would like to post a new thread about this, and IMHO it deserves dedicated thread.


    It was mentioned [URL="http://www.printroot.com/forum/f13/what-program-you-use-profile-your-monitor-7223/index2.html"]here[/URL], but as far as I know, this is one of the few (if not the only) open source device - firmware, software and hardware. The price is very competitive, and will be shipped soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by tenho View Post
    And what about if you work unter Linux?

    I recently found a tool, which is under development and with software included (Linux version). Its called ColorHug and you can find it on
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    this page.
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    pretty cool stuff... interested to see how it performs in comparison to whats out there right now

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    right price if it works.

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    PRC Member saifou will become famous soon enough
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    Open source ??????? 60£

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    Quote Originally Posted by saifou View Post
    Open source ??????? 60£
    Well, you are paying for the small device and with the discount it put it on the same range of a Huey

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