Not sure if this is an appropriate place to post this but here goes...

I installed the old Coloreyes 1.52r023 with replacement k'ed executable on my Lion install a while ago. It worked but would throw up I/O error messages once in a while. Saw that 1.52r36 was posted here and downloaded/installed it. As soon as I launched the patched app, I got repeated I/O error messages:
Error writing result file /Library/Application Support/Display Control.CIE
Error writing result file /Library/Application Support/DC_iMac 1.CIE
I can calibrate fine but, at the end, I get the same error writing messages. Also, the program does not reprofile at the end as it should.

I installed 1.52r36 in a VM with Lion and it worked perfectly.

Found the following instructions to remove CEDP:
1. Release the activation. How to do this is documented elsewhere in this formum. Remember that releasing has to be done as an admin.
2. Trash the ColorEyes Display Pro folder in Applications
3. Trash these two folders in /Library/Application Support: ICC, ICS
4. Trash in each user account ~/Library/Preferences/ColorEyes Display Pro.plist and ~/Library/Preferences/com.ics.ColorEyesDisplay.plist

Couldn't do #1 as no license installed
Couldn't find either folder in #3 even when searching hidden files/folders. They also are not present in my VM install. This may be valid for older versions.

Rebooted and reinstalled 1.52r36. Tried to launch without patching and got an error about missing a license. Patched and got the I/O error messages again. I've tried searching every file that may be related to coloreyes but can't seem to find what the program is looking at to check licensing.

If anyone knows how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.