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Thread: Interest question about AM screen angles

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    Interest question about AM screen angles

    I need work with AM screen and Muticolor profile with 7 inks. CMYK+OGB.

    The doubt is how configure the angles of the AM screen for not have problems with the Moire.

    Any idea?

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    For 7-color-printing you need only 3 screen-angles. Black to 45°, and the other colors alternately to 105° and 165°:

    Cyan 165°
    Blue 105°
    Magenta 165°
    Red 105°
    Yellow 165°
    Green 105°
    Key 45°

    With this method, each color will be able to print with only three colors. Black provides the amount of gray, and with two adjacent colors, each Hue can be realized.

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