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Thread: Fiery XF reference data calculation

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    Fiery XF reference data calculation

    This post would be interesting for those of you who work with EFI ColorProof XF and take care of color reproduction precision.

    For media profile optimization and for job verification EFI XF may use predefined reference data or may calculates it from the corresponded icc profile.

    By default, EFI XF uses IT8.7/4 chart for media profile optimization and Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0/2.0 as a control strip for a job verification. In turn, Ugra/Forga MW is a subset of IT8.7/4 chart.

    Let's assume, that optional reference data has not been defined neither during profile optimization nor during job verification. In this case, ideally, both reference data sets (MediaWedge patches) must be absolutely equal just because they are calculated digitally inside one program (doesn't matter that Color Manager and Color Verifier are two different modules of one project EFI Fiery XF). But in practice they differ.

    From version to version the difference is approximately the same: 0.4-0.6 dE'76. Though the value below, so called, "Just Noticable Differece" EFI adds its own contribution to color inaccuracy, despite the fact that EFI is not an entry-level solution.

    With the release of the last update nothing has changed. v6.0.1 has the following difference (L*a*b* for ISO Coated v2):
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