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Thread: DNG Profiles

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    DNG Profiles


    as I wrote in my other thread (http://www.printroot.com/forum/f13/abstract-icc-profile-14804/) lately I have been particularly interested in abstract ICC Profiles with the aim of changing the image appearance and imitating some photographic effects.

    While looking for information on this topic I came across the DNG Profiles.
    From what I have understood these profiles take action before the image is converted from RAW to TIFF and are specific for each camera models, therefore their use is more limited if compared to an ICC Profile. If I understood correctly...
    Still, being a possible interesting alternative I started looking around and I've found that Adobe DNG Profile Editor (available for free) is kind of easy to use.
    Still there are certain things that do not really make sense to me...

    First of all, I did not get if there is another method to select colors apart from "hue" value (either clicking on the opened DNG image or on the color wheel) and not depending upon their saturation or lightness...
    For example, if I want to select only relatively "dark" blues I cannot right? I can select only all the blues that have that particular "hue"?

    Secondly, why I can make a hue shift of only "30"?
    And then, what does "30" means? are the degrees on the color wheel?
    Why also lightness and saturation can't be moves over "30"?

    Final thing...
    I've noticed that there might be a bug when using the temperature slider in the color matrice as the opened images do not really seem to change color accordingly to the shift operated.
    It's also not very clear to me why if I set the K° temperature all the way to the right the images look bright pink instead of amber...

    Thank you very much for your help!


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