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Thread: Color management for a print house

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    Quote Originally Posted by tru View Post
    Is it possible to have this explained by an example?
    Let say I need to send a roll-up design to a printshop, the media will be some sort of polyester, what setting will I use in my color profile in Illustrator for this file?
    Usually, You should always ask your printer first, if he can provide You with a profile which was built specifically for the media & machine You are intending to print to. If he understands Your question and he can provide You with one, use that profile in every application.

    Regarding your specific question, it is quite problematic (my experience) - since You'll probably print with flexo technology, and there are no widely accepted ISO or industrial standards - and as a consequence no general ICC profiles (*i just heard about a Fogra profile for PE media, but i cant find it).

    Good luck!

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    I work for an ink manufacturer and we have a customer that prints high volume and high profile products. The colors on these jobs need to be dead on. We've spent hundreds of hours in the lab getting each batch just right for them, yet they ALWAYS get different results. We match to the LAB numbers and to eye (we have a team of master formulators with over 30 years experience in each of them). We've determined that paper isn't the problem. We've determined that ink isn't the problem. We've even determined that the equipment isn't the problem. The problem is the people. Even if you put in all the time and all the hours to get everything else just right...people can still screw it up if they don't know what they are doing when running the press. Just food for thought.

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    using caliberation

    Hi bro. From my side we use one proofing mechine so that will give the accurate colors. second part we have to caliberate all the mechine because we are using deferent types of mechine and different types of inks. third step is you have to adjust the lenerization curves to get the proofing color. then we can see all the mechines output color should be same.

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