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Thread: Color management for metallic color

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecrm View Post
    I've heard people trying to do this by using a multi-angle spectrometer which claim to give you the closes and consistent reading.

    Not sure if anyone in this forum have experience doing this.
    I have a label printer customer and i did something like that.
    he have a roland lec 330 and printing several substrates. On metalic subtract I printed a cmyk testchart with white ink, so I didn´t profile on metalic. But he ask me a more acuracy on spotcolors when printed on roland without white ink. So i tried to measure on barbieri and the result is pretty awesome. Barbieri lfp measure with a 0/45 geometry like other user said.
    Probably in a few weeks i' wil doing some measurements on cmyk testchart without white and try to simulate on roland lec330. after that I post the conclusion and result here.

    Sorry for my english.

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    I'm also interested in how to manage metallic color but in ceramics industry.
    Until this moment I've been working very bad... and loosing time.

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    On aluminium foil is very difficult. Can you tell me how to manage color.

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