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Thread: blackmagic5.1 download

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    blackmagic5.1 download

    A veteran of the proofing software, blackmagic5.1 much stronger than the EFI.

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    Product Overview
    Serendipity Megarip is a high speed raster image processor (RIP) capable of accepting a variety of file formats, such as Postscript Level 3, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Scitex CT and EPS. It is used to proof post‐RIP data to either an output device, such as an Inkjet printer or to a file format, such as PDF.

    Serendipity Megarip runs in a Server and Client configuration. The Server runs on a computer on the network and is protected by a USB dongle. The dongle licenses the level of software and the input filters and output drivers purchased.

    The Client can run on the same computer on the network, whether it is local (LAN) or remote (WAN). The Client connects to the Server using the standard network protocol TCP/IP and is used as the configuration tool and monitoring application to the Server. The Client is not licensed and can be run multiple times on the network.

    Jobs are sent to Serendipity Megarip in a variety of ways to suit your workflows. Printers can be published on the network in order for jobs to be printed from your usual desktop applications. Hot folders (Drop Folders) can be shared, where files can be copied or saved for processing. Files can also be submitted directly from the Client or drop zones can be created for dragging and dropping files in. Once a file is submitted it is spooled into the system, the file type is detected and it is passed on for processing.

    Imaging is the first process to take place. Imaging interprets the file format and samples the job’s resolution to change it to that of the configured output format. By doing so, an intermediate file is generated, called the Imaged file. The Imaged File can be viewed using the SoftProof utility. The file format maintains all the plates associated with the job and is viewed at the full output resolution. The Imaged File can also be re‐submitted at any time for processing to the same or a different output. There is no need to spool and interpret the job again. *

    After the imaging process has completed, the job is passed to the rendering engine. This takes the Imaged File and creates the file ready for output. The process includes applying any output characteristics such as orientation, cropping, colour management (ICC Profiles) and creation of the configured format, whether for an Inkjet printer or a file format, such as PDF.

    The Imaged File can be rendered as many times as desired. Each time, any of the output characteristics can be changed prior to rendering.

    Once the job is rendered, it is submitted for printing to the output device or file format. Multiple output queues can be created and multiple devices can be printed to simultaneously. Most of the output devices supported use a direct printer driver and therefore the Server has more control of options, such as, selecting specific media and printing directions.

    The Client monitors the whole process from start to finish, showing a jobs progress in a QueueManager and QueueStatus window. Jobs can be managed separately by placing a job on hold, releasing a job, cancelling or promoting as desired. The processes (queues) can be paused at any time, holding all jobs from spooling, imaging, rendering or printing. If a job fails, the error can be examined, rectified and the job retried. There are logs reporting all Server and Client functionality and job information from first detection on the RIP to final output. The logs can be searched, filtered or saved to a file.

    The system creates a database of all configurations, calibration curves and other settings. This database can be backed‐ up on demand or automatically, so a working copy is always available. It can be copied to any other Serendipity Megarip as a whole database or as individual items.
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    It is

    Chinese for me.... :)

    but try this one:

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    is this not cracked? I as well can't download from the chinese site-- and thanks but, if it ain't cracked, whats the point?

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    Any direct links to the mac version of Serendipity Megarip?

    Can someone supply a direct link to the demo version of Serendipity Megarip for Macs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Apa_Cska View Post
    Chinese for me.... :)

    but try this one:


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    Who crack?Please share, thank you!

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    1st link is chinese, 2nd demo
    whou can provide a working version?

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    What if you just download the demo, make the ICC profiles and then only reinstall it when you need to remake the profiles. Would that work?

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