I recently bought an x rite i1 display pro and updated to profiler version 1.2.0 (same issue also with older version)

I've created a profile and I've loaded into windows color managment, but I keep continuing have a big discrepancy from what I see inside adobe suite (Photoshop or bridge) and any other color(and not)-managed software outside (like ZoomBrowser or Acdsee with profile loaded).

In ps I've tried every possible settings in the last 2 days, but without any result.

From the left: photoshop, zoom browser, acdsee


Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

That's the same image (natively sRGB opened in sRGB working space) opened in all the programs, as you can see it looks the same in acdsee and zoombrowser (also fastone viewer, chrome, etc), while in ps it's a lot less contrasted. This happens with every photo (shot in sRGB and RGB).

I've tried setting Adobe rgb, sRGB, converting/not converting when opening the image, disabling color managment. This continue happening.

It looks like adobe suite is not loading correctly the profile (it appears in the profile list).

What can I do? Now I don't know which is the correct version, the adobe one, or all the other sw (they look the same).

I just need that sRGB saved version of my files looks "almost" the same in photoshop,chrome or Firefox, acdsee or fastone viewer on my computer.

Thank You very much,