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Thread: Problems developing 3d shapes for ESKO Studio Designer

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    Problems developing 3d shapes for ESKO Studio Designer

    Hello. I'm trying to make a cosmetics tube that I could use in Studio Designer in Illustrator. I have made a SolidWorks model and exported it as stl. Then using Meshlab converted it to dae. Opened the dae in Studio Toolkit standal in osx to specify the label areas.

    The problem is that it's difficult to have it come out in good size. Mostly the label is bigger than the working area in Illustrator

    Same happened with the blender model I got from [URL="http://3docean.net/item/cosmetic-cream-tubes/2447381"]3docean[/URL]. Once I save it as dae and add the label areas in Studio Toolkit standal the scale is way off. The only tube that works is [URL="http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=b78b9e761b8998e0e99aee91747c9768"]3dwarehouse[/URL], but it's kind of ugly. (But it's the only that shows up in Studio Designer as smooth?)

    Does any have any documentation about developing this kind of shapes for ESKO Studio? Also, can't find in ArtiosCAD 7.6 how to add label areas to 3d object.

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    For labels in Artios I just make a new design , choose a thin paper as the material and draw the label outline. I also usually place 1 or 2 "bend" lines in where it would curve.

    I then import the label arrk from a jpg or png then place it over the outline and click the option to "register bitmap".

    After that I convert it to a 3D then add to the other 3d such as your bottle then move it onto the bottle and curve accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paralyys View Post
    Then using Meshlab converted it to dae.
    Sounds like that is where the problem lies converting stuff churns up all types of problems.

    I gather it is the correct size in solidworks?

    also do you get import options in illustrator with 3d objects like you do with other files (bounding box, print area, bleed box etc...)

    Also i would gather that going from a 3d program to illustrator you really need illustrator's dimensions set up to whatever units your working with in solidworks. (cm, mm, inchs etc..)

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