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Thread: PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software

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    PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software

    PANDORA software automates the creation of step-and-repeat layouts by:

    Automatically snapping artwork to selected die stations
    Automatically creating bleed paths based on information from CAD die files
    Quickly and simply resolving any bleed overlaps

    SMARTMARKS Software and layering

    SMARTMARKS are intelligent marks that position and size themselves on a layout, even when the press sheet or other resources are changed. Any of the 60 built-in packaging marks or any user-created custom mark can be made into SMARTMARKS. Label marks—text marks with variable data and details such as date, color, and job name that are dynamically previewed and inserted when printing—can also be defined as SMARTMARKS.

    SMARTMARKS can be added to mark sets, so every mark needed for a particular layout can be placed, sized, and positioned with a single action. SMARTMARKS can also have their color and overprint attributes edited from within PANDORA software.
    JDF output

    PANDORA software can output layouts as Job Definition Format (JDF), an XML-based file format used to describe the entire print production cycle. JDF files output by PANDORA software contain all the necessary data for further processing in the workflow. Adoption of JDF, combined with the existing support for PDF, PJTF and CIP3, makes it even easier to integrate PANDORA software into existing workflows.

    PANDORA software also outputs layouts to ADOBE Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF) and PDF. PANDORA software can also export CIP3 cutting data to automatically configure a cutter with a CIP3 front end.
    PDF import

    PANDORA software imports a variety of artwork as PDF. It provides all the benefits of a PDF-based workflow, such as file independence and reliability.
    CAD die file import

    PANDORA software can import industry-standard CAD die file formats, including CFF2, DXF and DDES2. It also provides sophisticated filtering to exclude information in CAD files not relevant to prepress.
    Ease of use

    The PANDORA user interface is designed to provide usability, productivity, and effectiveness, and delivers one of the simplest and most flexible user interfaces found in prepress packaging. It breaks exciting new ground with a truly modeless UI and extensive availability of drag-and-drop actions. Most printers are up and running with PANDORA software in a day.
    Manage your shop’s resources

    PANDORA software uses its intuitive drag-and-drop interface to integrate your shop’s press sheets, film, plates, output devices, presses, and workflows. It’s easy to add or delete these resources, as well as to share them between copies of PANDORA software. You eliminate costly mistakes and save valuable time when you use PANDORA software to help manage your shop’s resources.

    [URL="http://download2.kodak.com/10/4864/1/Pandora_2.9.5_Installer.exe?dlm=yes"]download mac[/URL]

    [URL="http://download2.kodak.com/10/4864/1/Pandora_2.9.5_Installer.exe?dlm=yes"]download pc[/URL]

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    please upload mac version...


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    Great description and download link works!

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    thanks a lot

    thanks, i'm finding it

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    thanks, I need it.

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