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Thread: GMG Open Color The future is coming

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    GMG Open Color The future is coming

    I don´t know if everyone already ear about
    GMG will launch on October and will be a powerful multicolor proofing solution

    Original Text From GMG Webpage

    GMG OpenColor – the Proofing Innovation for the Packaging Industry

    Tuebingen (4 May 2012) – Never before has the combined printing of process and spot colors been simulated on proofs with such convincing color accuracy.

    Today at drupa 2012, GMG unveils GMG OpenColor, its new proofing solution for the packaging market (Booth B25, Hall4). With the advanced development of GMG color management, Dr. Hanno Hoffstadt’s research group has responded to the need to create predictable proofs of offset, flexo and gravure prints. The innovative and groundbreaking technology is GMG OpenColor’s ability to allow for color-accurate reproductions of print processes that use spot colors and multicolor separations with more than the traditional four process colors (CMYK).

    Until now, the overprinting behavior and color interplay between CMYK and spot colors could only be reproduced by combining a CMYK profile with spot color libraries. This method required considerable effort to depict all possible combinations of spots and process colors "as accurately as possible". The major drawback of this method was the inaccurate simulation of spot color overprints.

    With the increasing use of multicolor printing, the simulation of spot color overprints currently poses one of the biggest challenges for packaging printers. GMG OpenColor is the first profiling tool on the market that provides this vital capability. Offering an astonishingly accurate prediction of overprints, GMG OpenColor creates high-quality multicolor profiles simulating the printing behavior of diverse printing technologies, media types, and screenings.

    GMG software products such as ColorProof can access GMG OpenColor via a direct connection and request a multicolor profile, which is then dynamically calculated by OpenColor on the basis of spectral data. GMG OpenColor does most of the work automatically, so that time-consuming manual tweaking and editing are now a thing of the past.

    GMG OpenColor comes in different versions tailored to fit different printing technologies and customer requirements.

    Ian Scott, managing director at GMG comments, "Offering print predictability of the combination of process and spot colors — that was previously considered impossible — we can now provide the market with the long sought-after solution: GMG OpenColor.“

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    I've heard

    I've heard about this in a seminar. This software, can imitate the cardboard surface colour and the coulours changing on the surface. You also can do this on your own on almost any software for proofing by changing the back colour, but then has to analyse the cardboards colour by himself...

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    GMG is RIP strong.

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