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Thread: Esko Artios - Visualizer collada multiple objects

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    Esko Artios - Visualizer collada multiple objects

    Short info for all who may need to show various graphics on the same Artios die cut simultanously inside Visualizer.

    Step 1 - creating multiple objects ready for export and creating collada

    1. 2d design, convert to 3d ..... do not copy 3d design using duplicate object
    2. switch back to 2d and convert to 3d again, choose add to 3d when window pops up
    3. repeat sequence as many times as you need (depend on how much objects you need to have in 3d)
    4. export to collada .zae

    If you start with new 3d in Artios you can add 3d files (a3d, collada, etc) instead of creating 2d and converting. Duplicating object will not work either. Each object must be added separately.

    Step 2 - importing collada into Visualizer , assigning graphics

    1. Open collada file
    2. Choose printable area for editing when dialog box pops up
    3. Assign graphic for single object
    4. Export to collada archive and save file with single graphic assigned
    5. Repeat this process for every single object until all of them are ready.


    Duplicating design (Artios 3d function) will result in assigning graphics to all the copies of 3d object in VIsualizer. Therefore adding objects 1 by 1 is required to have it edited properly.

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