Hey guys, I just discovered this forum and from what I've read so far and the responses given has been quite impressive. This forums is full of professionals and I'm looking forward to joining you.

My issue is that I was laid off a while ago and didn't get a chance to make samples for my portfolio. I was promoted from being a pressman to designer to designer/project developer. The entire experience was a massive learning curve and a challenging one at that but I loved every minute of it. I'd usually take the license key home with me every night and finish the work I didn't get done that day or couldn't figure out. My error was, I failed to make samples to build my portfolio. I have a HD full of all my designs but they pretty much are useless to me. Cimex's demo version will not plot, print, and will only save up to 20 items which is basically 1/4 of the base of an auto-bottom.

Being self-taught definitely has me at a disadvantage and I'm only able to talk myself out of half of that deficit. I've found methods that make it semi-presentable but they are no match for most of the others I've seen that people have. I've been bringing the images in to one file, aligning them where they go and taking screenshots. I tackled GIMP and learned all about layering during the course of one of the most frustrating weeks I've ever had. Recently, I discovered a decent substitution and I've been able to get these done in under 5 min per image. IrfranView is awesome for newbies who just need to get it done.

So, I'm looking for a way to convert my .cim files over to .dxf or anything else other then .cim. I called Cimex directly and asked what I could do, they said I had to buy it for $3k. I asked if I could rent it just to convert these files and got another "No". I have AutoCAD 2010 but it will not open my files. My adopted mentor has a plotter and Artios and he can't do anything with them either because of the format. And I, have over 2,000 files I can't do anything with. I'm pretty much stuck.

Does anyone have any advice or thoughts? All input is welcome and thanks for reading!

My portfolio site is:
Semi-private portfolio is:

Thanks again!
- Mike