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Thread: ArtiosCAD Scripts

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    ArtiosCAD Scripts

    hey guys

    love using the ArtiosCAD just get my training for now
    Is there any way to make scripts that save many files at once and convert them to illustrator?

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    Artios Scripts....

    Hello, yes there is a way to output multiple files to EPS files for import into Illustrator. You have to be comfortable in getting under the hood a little, but I can give you a quick rundown. Just let me know a little about how familiar you are with Artios. Have you ever created an output in Artios or gone into the Options menu under "Defaults" and made any changes? Please let me know that, so I get a feeling for your comfort level and I will tell you how to do this.


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    Install plugin for illustrator to open ard file in ai then make Action script in AI.

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